Brute Rope 3/8" Lite Weight Lunge Line

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First, The rope is made of polyester, not nylon, so it is less abrasive than most ropes, which means it doesn’t “bite” your hands like other ropes do. Second, it doesn’t “lock up” when a horse pulls back on it – likely because it is a hollow braid rope. I have yet to see this rope “lock up” when a horse pulls on it. Third, the rope has the best action to it of any rope I’ve ever used. This is why my lunge lines are superior to other more expensive lunge lines. Fourth, it’s lightweight and extremely strong, with an 8000 pound test weight on the ½” diameter rope. Lastly, if you have horses that chew up ropes, while this rope is not indestructible, I’ve never seen a more durable rope.